The 7th European Social Entrepreneurship Forum is coming

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Júlia Bacardit -
  • Denis Stokkink, founder of the think tank Pour la Solidarité
    Denis Stokkink, founder of the think tank Pour la Solidarité.
  • Mayto Designs workers. A project funded by NESsT
    Mayto Designs workers. A project funded by NESsT.
  • Vision app, eye protection software
    Vision app, eye protection software.
  • Social projects incubator on an International scale
    Social projects incubator on an International scale.

On April 16th and 17th, Sofia will become the capital city of social economy on a European scale.

The 7th European Social Entrepreneurship Forum will take place in the Boyana Residence, in Bulgaria. The European Comission offered the Forum fundings to trigger an exchange of experiences related to social economy, inclusive growth and digital revolution.

Europe is currently facing many sociopolitical challenges, from an aging population to the lasting effects of massive migrations and the 2008 financial crisis. That is why the Forum managers aspire to convert social economy as a stabilizing factor in thecontinent.

The creation of decent and steady jobs, the improvement of social justice and the fight to decrease inequality are the main goals that European politicians, civil society spokespersons and the heads of International organizations are supposed to discuss during the Forum.

The moderator of the first conferences and talks will be Denis Stokkink, founder and president of Pour la Solidarité, an International think tank created more than ten years ago to promote different kinds of sustainable and social projects such as renewable energy cooperatives and programs to incentive youth

The Bulgar minister of Work and Social policies will attend the Forum, and so will do many other Bulgarian and International politicians, especially those in the European Union sphere.

The Seventh European Social Entrepreneurship Forum will also count on the presence of many social economy actors and entrepreneurs like the NESsT organization. NESsT is an International social enterprise that funds solidary projects for 7 years.

Following NESsT’s intervention, Bulgarian social entrepreneur Stefan Krustev will present his Vision app, a software for eye protection aimed at improving the working and living conditions of everyone who works in front of a PC screen eight hours a day.

On April 17th, the project manager Christine Spernbauer will present Impact Hub, a network International organization that works as an incubator for social projects. In Catalonia, Barcelona Activa does the same thing to help start-ups grow.

Among many political interventions, Bulgarian entrepreneur Yurii Valkovski will explain the advances of Reach for change foundation, which counts on a dozen social entrepreneurs all over the world.

Reach for change basically focuses on the improvement of children life conditions, and it sustains many local projects. To know more about them you can click here. 

This 7th edition of the European Social Entrepreneurship Forum should promote networking in the field of social economy, just as the World Social Forum does about the International right of housing.

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