social economy

"We have to have the ability to overcome the taboos that have long led us to believe that feeling bad was bad and should be hidden."

Elaboration of the "arrugats" in the El Rosal biscuit factory.

Catalan biscuit manufacturer El Rosal in Tàrrega has become international by selling its biscuits in 25 gourmet food stores in Belgium with a team of 10 people at risk of social exclusion and with difficulties.

The ‘Diaries’ are a collection of experiences by social entrepreneurs.

The European Commission is looking for people who want to share their experience in the social economy.

Action Against Hunger is launching a network to promote social innovation.  Source: Action Against Hunger

Action Against Hunger is launching a network in Europe to promote social innovation as a tool to create a more inclusive European labour market.

Sofia, in Bulgaria, will host the 7th edition of the Forum

On April 16th and 17th, Sofia will become the capital city of social economy on a European scale.


Is social economy healthy enough?  The Sustainable and Solidarity Economy Project has launched a global report that aims to answer it.