Acting is a great ally for social inclusion

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  • Participants in one of the theater workshops of the ACTin'YOUth project.
    Participants in one of the theater workshops of the ACTin'YOUth project. . Source: Colectic.

ACTinYOUth is an international project to empower youths through acting and ICTs. The idea is to develop acting workshops for social inclusion of youths coming from different cultural backgrounds and at risk of social exclusion.

Acting is a universal language that makes us all equal and allows us to explore realities and bring out experiences without the limitations that sometimes are in the way with language. A very powerful tool to foster a culture of dialogue, introspection and community spirit.

In international scenarios with very diverse and different cultural backgrounds, acting plays a key role to foster what the EU youth programme defines as Lifelong learning or desired learning from life contexts.

ACTinYOUth, acting and ICTs

ACTinYOUth is an international project the goal of which is to foster intercultural skills of young workers through acting methodologies.

In this project, technologies play a key role: on the one hand, they promote a learning community of professionals; and on the other, as a tool for acting performances through digital channels. 6 organisations from different countries participate in this project, including Stichting CWM Education (Germany) and Associazione Culturale Smascherati leading the project and Sdruzheine Walk Together (the Netherlands), Associação Check-in Cooperação e Desenvolvimento (Portugal), IASIS (Greece) and Colectic leading the digital development of the project.

Thanks to this initiative, young workers can improve their non-violent communication skills as well as conflict-resolution and facilitation skills, hence improving their communication skills through acting methodologies and story telling. The innovative approaches for the participation of least-favoured groups or groups that are under-represented are key to combat discrimination and social exclusion.

Would you like to join?

ACTinYOUth comes with activities, exchange spaces, workshops and a digital platform to share resources on acting and youth empowerment. Besides the international gatherings of the partner organisations to design the different stages of the project, a 10-day training will be held in Rotterdam to train educators in resources that they will later be able to pit into practice in their local realities.

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