A CEAR report sizes the number of people displaced around the world in 70 million

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Rubén Escobar ( / Translation from Catalan: Vera Ibáñez
  • Boat full of refugees. Photo: Wikipedia
    Boat full of refugees. Photo: Wikipedia.
  • CEAR Logo. Photo: CEAR
    CEAR Logo. Photo: CEAR.
  • Refugees welcome. Photo: Wikimedia
    Refugees welcome. Photo: Wikimedia.

The fifteenth annual report "Refugees in Spain and Europe" calls for a Government Pact for the right to asylum.

The Spanish Commission for the Refugee Assistance (CEAR) has prepared its annual report "Refugee people in Spain and Europe" (in Spanish) where they claim that there are currently 70 million displaced people in the world. In this current context, the organisation for the refugees has demanded Spain and Europe to be an example of respect and guarantee of the human rights for the rest of European States. For this reason, they call for a legislative framework that would guarantee the rights of refugees and for them to have access to international protection and to get approved adoption and inclusion policies.

Syria is once again the country of origin of a large number of refugees and the second with more internally displaced persons, after Colombia. In 2016, more than 5 thousand people lost their lives in the Mediterranean Sea, many of them, trying to flee across the European coasts from countries like Turkey, Libya, Egypt or Morocco. During 2016, 15,755 people requested asylum in Spain according to the report, of which only 355 were accepted. Also, we have to remember that the European Union promised to relocate about 183,000 people by 2015 before September 26, of which it has only received 20%.

Image: Eurostat

Germany has been the country with more asylum requests. In total, according to Eurostat, in 2016 more than 1,250,000 people asked for international protection in European Union countries, of which Germany received 8,789 petitions per million inhabitants. The report also denounces that throughout 2017 the EU and the Member States push a set of policies to curb the arrival of migrants and refugees on their external borders.

CEAR requests to facilitate fundamental steps such as the registration or acquisition of the health card, in addition to providing interpretation services to hospitals and public administrations and ensuring educational access programs and school support, with a Minimum income of insertion. According to the report's data the NGOs have gone from managing 1,000 places of reception in August of 2015 to end 2016 with a total of 3,863.

The organisation also notes that the publication of the photograph of Aylan dead in a Turkish beach in September of 2015 caused massive broadcasting through social networks and "for the first time after the wars In the former Yugoslavia, refugees occupied a privileged space in the media agenda". However, they criticize that attention has been focused too much and exclusively on refugee people in Syria or on other scenarios such as the Idomeni camp and the border with Calais. 

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