A wide range of organizations across our society working in the service sector present a space to reflect on sports for refugees, a working day aligned with the International Day of Coexistence in Peace.

Laila Ajjawi, artist and advocate for the rights of migrants and refugees.

As part of the ‘Cities Defending Human Rights’ program, artist and activist Laila Ajjawi visits Barcelona to share the story of her art, her community, and to emphasize her identity as a Palestinian refugee.

Thousands of people are forced to live in refugee camps on their way to Europe.

The organization has released a video recorded inside the Principovac camp, located on the border between Serbia and Croatia, which shows the dire conditions that the people living there endure.

Alianza Solidaria has started a campaign to cover the cost of school supplies for a hundred children and young people.

Alianza Solidaria, based in Barcelona, has a project underway to support the schooling of refugee children and youth in the camps of the Bekaa Valley, in Lebanon.

Participation of refugee students in the UAB Festival.

The Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona has started a fundraising campaign to help ensure that refugees arriving in Catalonia can continue their studies.

The Model Prison in Barcelona hosted the presentation of the new CCAR space.

The Catalan Refugee Aid Commission (CCAR from the catalan Comissió Catalana d'Ajuda al Refugiat) is promoting this new meeting point located in the Sants neighborhood of Barcelona, ​​which aims to make life more comfortable for displaced people.

In 2020, about a thousand people risked their lives to enter in the European Union.

The Escola de Cultura de Pau report examines the intersection between armed conflict, forced displacement and the pandemic.

UNHCR has launched an Education report that calculate the number of out-of-school refugee children and the situations faced by these children.

This year’s UNHCR Education Report focuses in particular on secondary education, the crucial yet critically under-resourced stage for refugees towards greater independence and improved prospects in life.

Art therapy offers the possibility to provide these women with psychotherapy.

Expressing feelings and experiences through art is part of the recovery process for women that are treated at the Fundació Surt. Their works can be visited at the Galeria Atelier in Barcelona.

Mahmoud Assy,  the co-founder of the Association.

The co-founder of the Association talks about his experience as a refugee.

Five countries received the 40% of the displaced people.

UNHCR has published the report ‘Global Trends: Forced displacement in 2020’ that shows the number of displaced people all over the world.

The pilot project Origen of the NGO ProActiva Open Arms has the main goal of informing the local population of the risks of migrating.

Proactiva Open Arms launched the project Origen because many people rescued at sea expressed the idea that had they received more information they wouldn’t have embarked on the journey.