Human rights

Manila, Philippines

L'Associació Catalana per la Pau, together with International Action for Peace, launches a portal to denounce human rights violations in the Philippines.

Tica Font is one of the most authoritative voices on the issue of autonomous weapons.

The Centre Delàs is an active part of the international campaign #StopKillerRobots, which calls for the prohibition of autonomous weapon systems that can make all decisions.

Montserrat Arbós is a journalist and member of FundiPau.

A month after the escalation of violence in Palestine, we speak with the journalist and member of FundiPau, who calls on the international community for more efforts to seek a resolution to the conflict.


David Karvala and Julie Sherry, joint coordinators of World Against Racism and Fascism (WARAF), comment on the challenges around the world, and how this network is responding.

The second edition of the Global Local Forum in Barcelona.

This forum, organized by the Reds association, has brought together more than 100 organizations, local institutions and human rights defenders from around the world.

Salam Almaslamani is the former president of the Palestinian Community of Catalonia

The former president of the Palestinian Community of Catalonia calls on the international community to react to the genocide against the Palestinian people.

A campaign that seeks to promote international cooperation for human rights from local governments.

On September 28, the presentation of the campaign 'Our rights, everyone's' took place in Barcelona, which invites local governments to get involved in the international protection of Human Rights.

The United Kingdom has begun to transfer the first asylum seekers to the Bibby Stockholm ship.

Organizations like Amnesty International denounce that the measure deepens the dehumanization of migrant individuals and is clearly harmful to human rights.

The coup d'état in the West African country occurred on July 26th.

Xavier Torner, president of the Catalan organization, talk about the possible consequences for the region of the military uprising in Niger.

Ursula von der Leyen, Mark Rutte, Giorgia Meloni and Kaïs Saïed, during the signing of the agreement. Source: Twitter @vonderleyen

Human rights defender organizations criticize the Brussels pact and the Tunisian government for abandoning hundreds of sub-Saharan refugees at the borders with Libya and Algeria.

In Palestine, thanks to the Palestinian Farmer's Union, pilot projects are already being developed to address the effects of climate change on agriculture.

Agricultural practices centered around the use of pesticides and chemicals significantly exacerbate climate change, which is why the Palestinian Farmer's Union is already devising methods to change the sector.

The current president, Macky Sall, has announced that he will not be running for a third term as the president of the country.

Lamine Sarr talk about Macky Sall's decision, who has announced that he will not run for re-election following popular pressure and the serious protests that the country has experienced.