The freedom of living without plastic

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Xarxa de Voluntariat Ambiental de Catalunya (XVAC)
  • The interactive game suggests different ways of living a waste-free life.
    The interactive game suggests different ways of living a waste-free life. Source: Fundació Rezero.
  • The italian coffee maker, a paradigm of sustainable design.
    The italian coffee maker, a paradigm of sustainable design. Source: Fundació Rezero.

Plastic Free July is a global campaign to help people live with greater freedom, doing away with waste. The new interactive Rezero Goal launched by the Rezero Foundation is a useful way to share ways of living without waste.

Every day is a good one to start buying soap bars, or gain some space at home getting rid of a waste bin; to bar single-use packaging and products from home, for once and for all.

July 3rd is the International Plastic Bag Free Day, a day promoted in 2007 by the Catalan foundation Rezero. Now, they’ve shifted from celebrating a day to celebrating the whole month through the global movement Plastic Free July.

Now, the digital game Rezero Goal allows you to walk through the rooms of a house and take a “micro-decision” in each space. Fun proposals such as using an Italian coffee pot, and Icon of sustainable design; inventing a recipe using leftovers, or talk to the shopkeeper selling us food with no plastic.

Focusing on solutions

Beyond denouncing excessive waste, the campaign aims to take things one step further, and highlights the wellbeing and satisfaction of a life without waste. The feeling of freedom when not having to worry about packaging, containers, the risk of polluting beaches and oceans. The joy of living free of plastic and packaging that clog up our homes and our cities. The satisfaction of knowing you’re contributing to alleviate a very serious environmental problem.

“Bleached toilet paper is overrated”. “What’s dirty about menstruation isn’t the blood”. “Don’t be tricked into buying water, it’s almost free from the tap”. These are just some of the imaginative phrases that go with the images shared on social media.

Living creatively

The interactive game suggests around thirty actions; however, as they explain from the Foundation, there are many different ways of living a waste-free life. And creativity is exactly one of the things that define this trend. That is why they started a campaign on social media to share ideas that can help others to live a life free of waste.

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