Giving-conferences, a concept aimed to grow the number of donations for the Giving Tuesday 2017

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Rubén Escobar ( / Translation from Catalan: Rubén Sánchez
  • Crowdfunding. Image: Wikipedia
    Crowdfunding. Image: Wikipedia.
  • Asha Curran during her speech on the giving-conference. Image: Youtube
    Asha Curran during her speech on the giving-conference. Image: Youtube.
  • Giving Tuesday Logo. Image: GT
    Giving Tuesday Logo. Image: GT.

The event, held in Palau Macaya Barcelona, included both leaders of the Giving Tuesday movement, Asha Curran and Henry Timms, in a day in which solidarity outstanded.

Giving-conferences is a new concept which promotes the Giving Tuesday (GT) movement, a global movement created to multiply supportive actions throughout food and financial donations, also with second-hand objects and of course valuable time. To do it, Asha Curran and Henry Timms are traveling to several capitals all around the world, willing to explain how to grow donations and how this movement first started. Both leaders of the movement, the visible faces of the Giving Tuesday, arrived last 22sd July to Barcelona to tell more about their initiative during a conference in Palau Macaya.

Juan Mezo, Director of Valors i Màrqueting and Ricard Valls, CEO of Zohar, the driving forces of the movement inside Spain, gave the starting shot to the series of conferences. Results from last year were shown during the conferences, but also the procedures and operations of the movement. They acknowledged the participation of the other organisations that made it possible. 28th November will be the chosen day for the Giving Tuesday this year, although there will also be workshops on funding resources in different cities during September.

Right after this introduction, head of the 92Y organisation and GT founder Herny Timms took the floor and explained several successful projects created by this movement. Innovation chief of 92Y Asha Curran introduced to the audience some other initiatives similar to the giving-conferences such as GivingZooDay, a synergy among zoos; GivingBlueDay, a series of proposals from different universities; and GivingShoesDay, an initiative to help women victims of male violence and to those just released from prison, giving them appropriate clothing for future job interviews.

Several big names of the technology industry such as Facebook, Google, Pay Pal and Microsoft had already joined the movement. The Giving Tuesday, as its two founders explained, was created to reach a more supportive world. In this sense, the initiative wants to show that the act of sharing is something that should not be done just once a year, but every single day.

At the end of the conference, those present opened a question time to think and share their own ideas about the movement and about the impact that they could have. Madrid, more accurately the Impact Hub, was the chosen  place for the next giving-conference on the following day. In case you could not join the conference, you can watch the video clicking on this link

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