Non-profits step forward on Harvey hurricane

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  • Hurricane harvey. Photo: Wikimedia
    Hurricane harvey. Photo: Wikimedia.
  • Hurricane consequences. Photo: Wikipedia
    Hurricane consequences. Photo: Wikipedia.
  • Americares Logo. Photo: CrowdRise
    Americares Logo. Photo: CrowdRise.

Some organisations are giving support after the disaster by distributing food, water and other facilities to affected areas. 

Hurricane Harvey seems to be one of the most damaging natural disasters in U.S history, as Katrina also was in 2005. Tens of thousands have been forced to evacuate their homes and officials blame at least 60 deaths on Harvey. Many of those deaths were confirmed in 11 Texas counties when people were caught in quickly rising floodwaters or lost control on water-logged roads according to emergency management officials. In this sense, non-profit organisations and charities have already been working on humanitarian aid tasks by coordinating a response as quickly as possible.

On the one hand, Greater Houston Community Foundation has coordinated donation efforts. Together with the city government, the Hurricane Harvey Relief Fund has already more than 2 million $ to spend on safety and rescue. Other needs that have to be covered are transportation and clothing. On the other hand, Houston Food Bank’s warehouse aims to respond by distributing food and cleaning supplies.

Apart from that, other non-profits organisations are also helping affected areas. The United Way of Greater Houston has established a Relief Fund to support basic needs and services. Direct Relief has committed 200.000$ cash and has made available its inventory of more than 100$ million in medical supplies in response to emergency situations in Texas.

In health-related issues, Americares has deployed an emergency-response team to Texas and is in contact with a network of local health centers, free clinics and other partners. The organisation improving health of people affected by poverty has also responded to requests for water and medication. Other charities that are also collaborating are South Texas Blood and Tissue Center, the L.G.B.T.Q Disaster Relief Fund or the Houston Humane Society. 

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