Reds presents the campaign 'Our rights, everyone's' to governments and organizations

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  • A campaign that seeks to promote international cooperation for human rights from local governments.
    A campaign that seeks to promote international cooperation for human rights from local governments. Source: Canva.

On September 28, the presentation of the campaign 'Our rights, everyone's' took place in Barcelona, which invites local governments to get involved in the international protection of Human Rights.

The presentation of the campaign, organized by the association Reds in alliance with the CIDEU and with the support of the Catalan Development Cooperation Agency, had more than thirty assistants from local governments and relevant organizations in the cooperation of Catalonia.

Highlights include the presentations of Jeimi Aguilera, lawyer who defends Human Rights in Colombia, Patricia Domínguez Zea , member of the Center for Human Rights Fray Bartolomé de Las Casas de Chiapas , Mexico and David Llistar, Director of the International Cooperation and Global Justice area of Barcelona City Council.

These interventions made clear the relevance of international views when it comes to denouncing and making Human Rights violations visible , they emphasized the mechanisms to protect them and reflected on new forms of international cooperation.

The initiative has the support of nine reference organizations in the field of global justice : Acaps , Desos , Intered , The People's Rights League , Musol (Municipalists for solidarity and institutional strengthening) , the Table for Mexico , the Southern Network , the Solidarity NGO Coordinator of the Girona counties and Eirene Group .

The central piece of the campaign is a manifesto that exposes the international protection of Human Rights that already has more than 100 signatures , including that of David Llistar , Director of Global Justice and International Cooperation of Barcelona City Council, María Cecilia Mangini Schäfer , Councilor for Cooperation of Tarragona City Council and institutions such as Lleida City Council.

The Reds association and the entities promoting the campaign ask for political will from the municipal government teams when it comes to protecting Human Rights internationally, a task that, as members of public institutions , they have the responsibility to fulfill.

The campaign will conclude at the II Local Global Forum, a space for debate and reflection on the importance of political advocacy in the field of international protection of Human Rights, which will take place on Thursday 19 and Friday 20 October at the Pati Llimona Civic Center (Barcelona ).

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