The sewing parlor where opportunities are made

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F Pere Tarrés - Miriam Bantulà
  • Irina Vereschagina, public relations specialist of Heart4orphans.
    Irina Vereschagina, public relations specialist of Heart4orphans. Source: Nonprofit Xarxanet.
The Charity “Heart4orphans” has been implementing the project “social sewing parlor” aimed at guaranteeing a dignified life for girls and women in accordance with their labor rights.

Irina Vereschagina, public relations specialist of Heart4orphans, the moldovan nonprofit organization to help children and teens living in extreme poverty or at risk, explains to us the main goal of the organization and the reality of these women. 

The organization, located in Transnistria has been active for 17 years and since then has been dealing with orphan children and adults who are trying to find a family. They have different programs in the organization since they have girls without elementary skills and they teach the graduated girls in boarding schools to behave in jobs to be employed in the future.

In order to do this,  the organization opened a social atelier where the girls are taught to sew some fabrics and clothes. As she says, “thanks to the European Union and the UNDP program we bought 5 sewing machines and the girls are teached to sew buttons to clothes and also developed the skills to arrive in time to a job and to cut the fabrics”.

Over 100 women have been trained and employed in 5 years and some of them managed to open their own business. Also, all the employees of the parlor have a right to social, legal and psychological support free of charge.

Thank to this project, they received a certificate of a participant in the European Union grant support, co-financed by Sweden as part of the ‘Civil society promotes an inclusive and sustainable economic development of the country’ project  and then they managed to buy 12 sewing machines to guarantee that more girls can take advantage of this opportunity and integrate into society independently with all rights guaranteed.

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