women rights

The border between Mexico and Guatemala is one of the most dangerous in the world, and crossing it involves serious situations of all kinds of violence.

Feminist cooperative Almena works on the project ‘Feminist shelter: Let’s transform together’, and its main objective is to contribute to the well-being of women, teenagers and girls applying for asylum on the border between Mexico and Guatemala.

Evelyn Romero.

Evelyn Romero participates and works from a young age in the Salvadoran department of Morazán with the Red Ciudadana de Mujeres de Morazán (RCMM), in the promotion and defense of women's rights and human rights.

The US Supreme Court has ended the constitutional right to abortion.

Feminist movements and rights defenders cry out against the fundamentalist offensive that wants to repress this right all over the world.

Solange Traoré, president of the Hakilisigui Federation, explains the project to the Benkade Association, which is dedicated to producing Shea Butter.

The NGO NouSol works on the 'Empowerment from wisdom' project, thanks to the collaboration of the Hakilisigui Federation, to guarantee women their rights and duties.

The campaign was born from a participatory process involving forty entities that are part of the Coordinating Committee.

The Coordinator of ONGD and other Solidarity Movements of Lleida launches the campaign 'La vida al centre', which was born from a participatory process involving forty entities.

Mytheli Sreenivas, board member of Women Have Options and a professor of History and Women’s, Gender and Sexuality Studies at The Ohio State University.

The board member of Women Have Options organization, tells us about the consequences of restrictives abortion laws and the main obstacles that these women face in carrying out a safe abortion.

Demonstration of girls for an education with a gender perspective in Kolda.

The Fundació Guné has developed a project there to work on the gender perspective at schools with the aim of extending this experience to the whole of society. 

 Many Afghan women have been widowed as a result of the conflict and the pandemic.

The NGO provides financial assistance to these women, who run their own families and are unable to work due to Taliban bans.

Companies and training centers that want to collaborate with the employment and training needs of the women of ‘Cope & Hope’ are invited.

The organisation Benestar i Desenvolupament (ABD) is in search of companies, training centres and volunteers wishing to collaborate in their programme “Cope&Hope” to foster women’s personal empowerment.

These women can be economically independent thanks to the Afrikable production groups

This organization believes in Fair Trade as a tool for women development and its goals go beyond of contributing decisively to the advancement of the 2030 Agenda.


Female genital mutilation is a form of physical and symbolic violence that denies the ability to think and decide, to feel and to be, which causes pain and death and sets back those societies that practice it.

Art therapy offers the possibility to provide these women with psychotherapy.

Expressing feelings and experiences through art is part of the recovery process for women that are treated at the Fundació Surt. Their works can be visited at the Galeria Atelier in Barcelona.