Youth eParticipation in Europe: The future is now!

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F Pere Tarrés
  • The EUth Open Summit takes place on 7-8th December.  Source: Global Platforms
    The EUth Open Summit takes place on 7-8th December. Source: Global Platforms.
  • A banner of the EUth Open Summit.  Source: EUth
    A banner of the EUth Open Summit. Source: EUth .

This is the title of the EUth Open Summit which will take place in Berlin on 7-8th December.

The participation of youth people in political decision-making and their role in the society, is one of the most relevant challenges of the European Union nowadays. How to get more youngsters actively involved in political decision-making? In the past two years the European innovation project EUth intensively researched the field of youth eParticipation and developed the unprecedented digital participation toolbox OPIN, which is adapted to the needs of young people.

In the EUth Open Summit which takes place in Berlin on 7-8th December, the project partners will present their results and the final version of the platform. Over 80 participants from different sectors are expected to join in it who will be involved in discussions around some questions as an example: How to enable more eParticipation? What can youth participation learn from citizen participation? How to embed new communication channels in (old) decision-making structures? How to combine online and offline methods? 

On the first day, participants will discuss emerging questions about digital aspects in four working groups. The outcomes of the discussions will be summed up by a panel, made up of representatives from various fields: decision-making, EU institutions, youth NGO’s, private sector and research.

On the second day, attendants can enjoy of a keynote focused on the future of internet and an open barcamp session in which participants will have the opportunity to share practices and learn from others. Furthermore, the consortium of STEP, an eParticipation platform that gives youngsters the opportunity to have a say in decisions concerning the environment, hosts a session in order to present the experience gained and the results of 30 months work.

You can have a look at the Programme.

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