The EU wants to dentify innovative practices for social services

The survey is open to participation until December 3rd and aims to map innovative social service initiatives.

Stone Soup Award poster

This year’s edition will be dedicated to initiatives dealing with new ways of integrating diversity in organizations.

The EUth Open Summit takes place on 7-8th December.  Source: Global Platforms

This is the title of the EUth Open Summit which will take place in Berlin on 7-8th December.


Generating knowledge based on assessing the direct actions of an organisation will allow it to gain capacity in terms of its actions and influence, and move forwards from a limited scope of action to a broader field.

Elena Velasco, marketing and communication manager in Specialisterne. Photo: Specialisterne

Specialisterne is a company with a social purpose that collaborates with third sector entities to work with talented people with ASD.

Myth Project, Innovative Techniques for reaching out to migrant youth - Photo: ABD

From 26 to 30 June, Barcelona hosted a training session on participatory art for young migrants and refugees, as well as social educators working with the youths. This was part of the European MYth Project.