Monday, 05 February 2018 - No. 21
News & Interviews
Francesca Pisano with a volunteer.   Source: Aarhus 2018
Francesca Pisano: "The vision is to rethink the cohesion of the city through volunteerism and social action"

Francesca Pisano, member of Aarhus 2018, talks about the aims and benefits of hosting the European Volunteering Capital 2018.

Euroasia' participants in Puck, (Poland).     Source: Europak - Eurosea
Barcelona to host European Sea Scouting Seminar

The 14th edition of the European Sea Scouting Seminar (Eurosea) will take place in Barcelona from 5th to 9th September 2018, hosted by the Catalan Scouts and Guides Federation.

Workshop of virtual volunteering.   Source: E-volunteering / E-wolontariat & TuDu (Flickr)
Virtual volunteering, an easy and effective way of collaborating with nonprofit organizations

Volunteering is possible even when we don’t have much time or we find it difficult to physically go to an organization. How? Thanks to technology, the Internet and collaborative tools that make virtual volunteering possible.

Technology (Fancycravet, Pixabay)
Technology and organizations: what are the global trends?

North American organization Nonprofit Tech fo Good has released its annual report regarding NGOs and the use of technology and social networks in a global scale. 

Mario Cuevas.   Source: NGO Voluntariado
Mario Cuenca: "Volunteering has an impact on our personal and social identity"

Mario Cuenca from the NGO Voluntariado tells us about the need to raise awareness around the culture of volunteering in the context of our current society and the advantages of participating in an international volunteering experience.

Clara Garcia - Font: Beartsy.org
Volunteering to help girls and women in Nepal

Clara Garcia Ortés is the voluntary president and project manager at Be Artsy, a non-profit association that develops creative projects for communities lacking access to provide training and experiences.

Linguistic volunteer couples: why we never thought of it before?

English Catalan-based author Matthew Tree tells us about the main advantatges of linguistic volunteering in Catalonia.

Sport and Social Commitment

For some time we’ve been living in a bubble of solidarity sports events, a reality which pushes us to ask ourselves many questions.

Today, emerging human rights

We must be aware that the recognition of the rights inherent to the human being is a process under constant evolution and that is constantly updated.

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