Tuesday, 04 June 2019 - No. 37
News & Interviews
Sofía Caamaño: “The asylum system in Europe is racist and, in many cases, inhuman”

The Serbian-Croatian border is a hotspot for migration movements today. This journalist works there as a volunteers, helping people in search of a safe life.

Núria Gràcia is the founder of JAD Co.Productions.org.
Núria Gràcia: "The Third Sector still has many prejudices to change its finance model"

Founder of JAD Co.Productions.org, an organization that supports youth, teenagers and women development by creating real opportunities and facilities for their economic and personal independence.

Xavier Tudela is General Secretary of FIEC.
Xavier Tudela: "We try to make Catalonia abroad more well-known and valued"

The Deputy Secretary General of the International Federation of Catalan Entities (FIEC) explains the dissemination activity that his organization makes to the world of values and catalan culture.

Most international volunteer programs come from Europe and the United States.
Catalonia, a privileged destination for international volunteering

There are many international volunteer organizations that range from university-run programs in the United States, volunteering and tourism, to United Nations projects.

Pilar Polo, the person in charge of institutional relations in the Vicki Bernadet Foundation.
Pilar Polo: “20% of children experience sexual abuse during childhood”

The person in charge of institutional relations at the Vicki Bernadet Foundation says she has provided counselling to around thirty children since the start of the year.

The project's kick-off meeting took place in Malta on 27-28 of March 2019
#PlayGreen, an innovative project to create active citizens

It aims to generate volunteering opportunities for young people focused on sport and the environment through the development of a pioneering format.

Collaborative digital transformation in non-profit organizations, your best bet

Stepping out of the mindset of the organization and start thinking as a collective is key to start consolidating the digital transformation process.

Why do we need social NGOs to help finding a job?

We share some thoughts on how social NGOs fit into a sector with a large number of public networks of Job Offices, Local Employment Services, Youth Guarantee System and other job placement policies.

The NGO Health us Nepal

The Health Us Nepal association is an NGO, the aim of which is to improve health conditions in the region of Humla, one of the most isolated and poorest parts of the country. 

nonprofit.xarxanet.org is a project of

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