Thursday, 01 August 2019 - No. 39
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Gemma Pinyol explains that
Gemma Pinyol: “The European Union isn’t living a refugee crisis, it’s a crisis of values”

The growing number of minors and youths that migrate alone has pushed the protection system to the brink of collapsing.

Image of one of the posters of the 'Holidays in Pau' program
More than 450 Saharan children come to live in Catalonia

Catalan families welcome children in the 'Vacations in peace' program coordinated by the Polisario Front and all entities in solidarity with the Sahrawi people.

The profession of co-operator involves a lot of emotional management

Manuel Sobejano is a social integrator and a social educator. He has a master’s degree in emergency intervention studies as well as in catastrophic and international cooperation. Recently, he has arrived from Honduras after working on a childhood malnutrition project.

L'Olivera produces wines and oils promoting the employment of people with disabilities. Source: 7accents.cat
Territorial exclusion and lack of manpower slows down the development of rural entities

The lack of public transport, geographic isolation and the loss of inhabitants causes many organizations being discriminated in obtaining public resources.

Ethical Time, the ethical clothing revolution, is here

A platform of sustainable fashion as an alternative to the “fast fashion” textile industry.

The interactive game suggests different ways of living a waste-free life.
The freedom of living without plastic

Plastic Free July is a global campaign to help people live with greater freedom, doing away with waste. The new interactive Rezero Goal launched by the Rezero Foundation is a useful way to share ways of living without waste.

Summer activities, an opportunity to educate in freedom, plurality and tolerance

'Esplais' and scouts are the only projects offering camps that are completely self-managed by instructors, children and families.

Take a break from stress!

Let’s not forget that if we free ourselves from stress, we will laugh more, connect more to others, enjoy what happens around us and we’ll be more able to show our very best.

head of the Alba Group's communication
Summer, the golden age of volunteering

Summer is an extraordinary time to dive into volunteer activities, as people tend to have more time, labor burden tends are becoming lighter and mentally we are more relaxed and predisposed to new things.

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