Wednesday, 09 December 2020 - No. 53
News & Interviews
Nadia Ghulam, writer and peace activist.
Nadia Ghulam: "To achieve peace it’s essential to think about others"

Nadia Ghulam, writer and peace activist, stresses the importance of volunteering and values ​​education to be an active agent for peace.

Xavier Baró, president of the Ahead association.
Xavier Baró: “Without access to education you can’t guarantee a dignified job”

The president of the Ahead association tells us about the projects in the organisation and how the poverty that is brought on by  the pandemic is affecting the most vulnerable groups.

The Covid-19 around the planet.
Social entities request a suspension for Covid-19 vaccine patents

Over 370 social organizations have requested the World Trade Organization (WTO) to support India and South Africa’s proposal for suspending intellectual property measures for future vaccines.

The team is a safe and empowering space for young people.
Cricket as a tool for social inclusion

The project 'Criquet BCN' has been running since 2010 to promote inter-cultural links and youth empowerments through the practice of this sport.

The ceasefire was instituted on November 10.
Ararat claims that the international community has left Armenia alone in the territorial dispute with Azerbaijan

After more than forty days of combat, the two countries reached an agreement mediated by Russia to end the war.

The mobilizations in Chile have been the tool that has taken a first step towards change.
Chile moves towards a new political horizon after a historic vote

After a particularly tough year, the South American country expects 2021 to bring a radical change in its political, economical and social system

Volunteering, more important than ever

Volunteers have done a discreet but essential task, making little noise, to keep people from falling deeper into a well of hopelessness and helplessness.

AlterNativa. Intercanvi amb Pobles Indígenes.
Defence of the rights of indigenous peoples from Catalonia

In the current context of the Covid-19 pandemic, rights violations have worsened: aggravated inequalities, lack and fragility of healthcare systems, the theft of land and vital resources such as water, or the disappearance of a productive economy and basic sources of subsistence.

UCD: the rights are also for adolescents

Covid-19 has brought our lives to a halt, and it is “infecting” everything. It seems, once again, that the attention paid to the problems arising from the pandemic has not been attentive enough to the needs of adolescents. 

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