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Children cycling on a street flooded by rain.
Almost half of the world's children live at risk of suffering the effects of climate change

A billion children live in countries with a very high risk of exposure to heat waves, cyclones, floods or air pollution, according to the Unicef ​​report on children’s climate risk index.

Children of Africa expends all its efforts to the Kinango region in Kenya.
Children of Africa: resilience to continue responsible cooperation

The director of the Figueres-based NGO, with presence in Kenya, explains how they have maintained their activity during the pandemic and reviews the current situation of the organisation.

The Taliban have declared an end to the conflict and proclaimed the Islamic Emirate.
Afghanistan goes back to the starting point with the return of the Taliban to power

The rise of fundamentalists threatens to aggravate the situation of a civilian population that has been severely punished by years of conflict resulting from collective irresponsibility.

The CCASPS has issued a statement in relation to the diplomatic conflict between Spain and Morocco.
City councils in solidarity with the Sahrawi people call for a democratic solution for Western Sahara

Coordinadora Catalana d’Ajuntaments Solidaris amb el Poble Sahrauí (CCASPS) denounces the relationship between Spain and Morocco in the management of the conflict in Western Sahara.

Lídia Arroyo,  sociologist and researcher in the UOC's Gender and ICT research group.
Lídia Arroyo: "Social media need more of a feminist and LGBTIQ approach in their creation if they are to be a space of equality"

We talk with the sociologist and researcher in the UOC's Gender and ICT research group.

Art therapy offers the possibility to provide these women with psychotherapy.
Art therapy as a means for women survivors of human trafficking to express themselves

Expressing feelings and experiences through art is part of the recovery process for women that are treated at the Fundació Surt. Their works can be visited at the Galeria Atelier in Barcelona.

From competition to cooperation. Co-leadership as a means to put people in the centre

Third-sector organisations must be a model of cooperative growth and make efforts to break away from egocentric and single-person dynamics that are proposed as a success by capitalism. 

Ensuring our privacy and controlling our data

Everyone should be able to maintain and safeguard access to their own personal data, but we must also ensure the privacy of others’ data.

Naiara Fernández López
Climate change: between catastrophe and the impossible

This year, numerous extreme meteorological phenomena have affected the countries of the Global North. Even so, the political class remains determined to maintain a system on the brink of environmental and social collapse.

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