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Jordi Calvo, Coordinator of the International Peace Bureau in Barcelona.
Jordi Calvo: ‘Social change can’t be stopped. There is no going back’

We interviewed Jordi Calvo, Coordinator of the International Peace Bureau in Barcelona and organizer of the World Peace Congress in the same city, which was recently held with a very positive balance.

In 2020, about a thousand people risked their lives to enter in the European Union.
The Covid-19 crisis exacerbates the vulnerability of refugees and displaced persons

The Escola de Cultura de Pau report examines the intersection between armed conflict, forced displacement and the pandemic.

Healthy life expectancy adds a new dimension of quality to the number of years lived.
The European Anti-Poverty Network wants more investment in healthcare to reduce poverty by 20% among the elderly

The EAPN is committed to the home model as an alternative to the residential one and emphasizes the importance of healthy life expectancy as a key indicator for assessing a country’s health status.

Thousands of working people have died during the preparation of the Wolrd Cup.
Pressure on Qatar 2022, a World Cup marked by human rights abuses

Amnesty International denounces the labour exploitation and deaths of workers during the preparation of the sports tournament and once again demands a gesture from the Spanish Football Federation.

Instagram has a billion monthly active users
5 best practices for non-profit organisations using Instagram

This social network is constantly evolving and it is becoming increasingly difficult for entities and organizations to get exposure to the ‘feed’ without paying for advertising.

Europe has initiated sanctions on member states that do not defend LGTBI rights.
The Europe of phobias

European policies are moving forward to defend the rights of LGBTI people while some member states are failing to meet their commitments and criminalise these groups.

The importance of volunteering in the post-pandemic society and what are its challenges

Volunteering has a significant impact on the lives of current and future generations.

SDG Watch Europe
Deepened inequalities due to the COVID-19 pandemic

The short-term wellbeing costs of COVID-19 have been severe. The pandemic is having profound effects on poor and marginalized groups, increasing poverty rates and widening gaps between different groups in society. SDG Watch Europe calls for urgent actions!

Judith Talvy works in SETEM Catalunya as a technichal of the Roba Neta i Electrònica Justa campaigns.
The role of the big brands in the protection of human rights in the textile industry

What is the International Accord, and what difference is it making in the garment industry? 

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