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Mytheli Sreenivas, board member of Women Have Options and a professor of History and Women’s, Gender and Sexuality Studies at The Ohio State University.
Mytheli Sreenivas: "Restrictive laws tend to increase the number of unsafe abortions"

The board member of Women Have Options organization, tells us about the consequences of restrictives abortion laws and the main obstacles that these women face in carrying out a safe abortion.

Russell wanted to convey the need to mobilize civil society,
Cormac Russell: “there is no better medicine than the community”

The social researcher places the actions and power of civil society and neighbourhoods at the centre. These actors can also make very positive contributions.

Since 2015, Hungary and Serbia have been separated by a double fence.
Serbia, new hot spot for migrants on the Balkan Route

The triangle formed by Serbia, Hungary and Romania is a key point for the more than 3,000 refugees migrating from Syria, Iraq or Afghanistan being trapped on this Balkan route, as warned by No Name Kitchen.

Olga Olano and Marcela Macagno, along with other members of the association.
Marcela Macagno: "Whatever the person's need, with us listening is guaranteed"

The Associació Infància Robada El Vendrell (El Vendrell Stolen Children’s Association) seeks to raise awareness about the problem of human trafficking and attends to all kinds of people who are victims of this invisible reality.

NOVACT and ICIP have launched a joint project to give prominence to non-violent resistance in Ukraine.
An alternative to the weapons: experiences of nonviolent resistance in Ukraine

A joint mission of NOVACT and the International Catalan Institute for Peace (ICIP) has traveled to the conflict to gather support and document citizen resistance initiatives, which will be captured in a series of videos.

The report 'Alerta 2022!' analyzes the state of the world in terms of conflict and peacebuilding.
Five opportunities for peace (beyond Ukraine) by 2022

The School for a Culture of Peace's report, ‘Alerta 2022!’, analyzes armed conflicts and tensions in the world, while identifying opportunities for peacebuilding.

Rikki Nathanson
Trans Rights: One step forward and several leaps back

The battle we face seems to be an uphill one. We need to fight, not only for recognition, but for full acceptance, dignity, and the right to equality and equity.

José Aristizábal García
The politics of love and ‘I am because we are’

In a country full of racism, classism, coloniality and exclusions, aren't large doses of love essential to overcome them? Is it not necessary to remind ourselves every moment that ‘I am because we are’?

Maria Mathew and  Prerak Kumar
Current Scenario of the LGBTQIA+ Community in India

We as a society must educate ourselves and make it an LGBT+ inclusive society, to make world a happy place for all. We must be the change.

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