Tuesday, 04 April 2023 - No. 81

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Henrique Frota: “A democratic city is that where there is broad citizen participation, not just of organized interest groups”

The director of the Polis Institute and Rodrigo Lacovini, from the same institution and a member of the Global Platform for the Right to the City, tell us of the topics on Brazil’s social agenda and the role played by citizens in the fight for cities that are “more just, sustainable and democratic”.

Isabel Pato, the Former coordinator for fundraising at Oxfam Brazil.
Isabel Pato: "Civil society can innovate and respond to social and environmental challenges"

The Former coordinator for fundraising at Oxfam Brazil talks to us about the task done by organisations and movements in the country to counter inequalities, local struggles and gives us examples of social innovation and ways to do joint advocacy work.

Athayde Motta: board member at ABONG.
Athayde Motta: There can be no democracy if the other side feels threatened

The board member at ABONG, a Brazilian network defending rights, talks to us about the role citizens play in fighting for democracy and defending social rights.

Monika Chabior, deputy mayor of Gdańsk.
Monika Chabior: "the strength of volunteering is in informal groups operating in their local communities and districts"

Monika Chabior, deputy mayor of Gdańsk and Damian Kuźmiński, chief specialist of the Department of Social Development, answer some questions about volunteering after the city of Gdansk being the European volunteering capital last year. 

Czarina Musni, human rights defender and lawyer, in her speech at the Mobile Social Congress organized by Setem Catalunya.
The unworthy conditions of women workers in the electronics industry in the Philippines

Setem Catalunya dedicates the first table of the Mobile Social Congress to talk about the violation of rights in the first link of the production of our mobile phones.

Thousands of people are forced to live in refugee camps on their way to Europe.
No Name Kitchen denounces the dire situation in refugee camps funded by the EU

The organization has released a video recorded inside the Principovac camp, located on the border between Serbia and Croatia, which shows the dire conditions that the people living there endure.

Miguel Morilla Hernández, activist at Coalition Prou Complicitat amb Israel
Barcelona suspends relations with Israel thanks to the popular struggle

The claim for the break of the sisterhood has been an historical demand of the solidarity movement with Palestine and of Human Rights organizations. 

Anna Bardolet
Good Clothes Fair Pay

An international campaign, through an European Citizens’ Initiative (ECI), demand the European Commission to introduce legislation requiring that brands and retailers in the garment industry conduct due diligence in their supply chain to ensure workers are paid living wages.

Dr Mike Chick
Send sanctuary seekers to Rwanda or create a Nation of Sanctuary? The UK’s devolved system of government allows for both

"In Wales, there is still a great deal that could and should be done to provide a more humane, dignified welcome to people seeking sanctuary – even within the limited powers of a devolved governmen".

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