Friday, 03 November 2023 - No. 88

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News & Interviews
 Mieke Schuurman, Director of Child Rights & Capacity Building at Eurochild.
Mieke Schuurman: "it is important to bring in children’s opinions into the conversation on child poverty"

The Director of Child Rights & Capacity Building at Eurochild, shares with us how they believe that it is the responsibility of Member States to ensure that child poverty is reduced with a minimum of 5 milllion children by 2030.

  Henrik Nørgaard, community consultant in BROEN Danmark.
Henrik Nørgaard: "Families with very poor economy, are less likely to be able to participate in leisure activities"

Henrik Nørgaard, community consultant in BROEN Danmark, shares with us the goals and concerns of the organization in order to "help vulnerable children enjoy an active leisure life". 

Salam Almaslamani is the former president of the Palestinian Community of Catalonia
Salam Almaslamani: "Where is international law in the face of the brutality being perpetrated in Gaza?"

The former president of the Palestinian Community of Catalonia calls on the international community to react to the genocide against the Palestinian people.

Xarxa Mai Més Network event with Secondary School students from the city of Lleida.
A network to work on memory recovery and the prevention of fascism in the classrooms

The Xarxa Mai Més, promoted by the Amical de Mauthausen and other camps, focuses on municipalism, educational centers, and organizations to recover and defend the memory of deportation and raise awareness against fascism.

CATESCO, Catalonia for Education Science and culture Organization, was created in 1985.
Geda Requena: "The presence of the Catalan people and the Catalan language on an international scale contribute to its recognition"

The CATESCO Projects technique explains the main objectives of the organization and highlights the presence of Catalonia in UNESCO to ensure that it is recognized for its expertise while establishing synergies with other territories.

Power companies seek to curry favor with certain political figures, in order to establish a firm agenda of contacts and be able to influence decision-making.
An investigation uncovers the pressures from energy companies to maximize profits

In the report, the full names of the thirteen state lawyers currently working at Spain's three main energy companies are listed: nine at Iberdrola, three at Naturgy, and one at Endesa.

Cristina Bravo.
"I'm bored!" What can I do?

When a child tells an adult "I'm bored", can it be a sign that something is wrong?

Maria Paltré AND Yaiza Blanch.
Training, a key tool to participate in the transformative energy transition

"The consumer cooperative model allows us to articulate energy management from an approach that responds to the satisfaction of needs."

Josep Tort
Peace in Small

Small works and small Individuals for a great task

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