Tuesday, 05 December 2023 - No. 89

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The winner is the Belgian city of Mechelen.
Mechelen, 2025 European Volunteering Capital

The city has been chosen ahead of Avilés and Salamanca as the european volunteering capital 2025.

The Centre Delàs, alongside other international organizations, publishes 'The Climate in Crossfire'.
The Invisible Cost of Military Spending and Its Impact on the Consequences of Climate Change

The Centre Delàs, alongside other international organizations, publishes 'The Climate in Crossfire,' a study on how NATO's 2% military spending target contributes to the climate collapse.

Montserrat Arbós is a journalist and member of FundiPau.
Montse Arbós: "Treating Israel like any other state in the world would be a big step in resolving the conflict"

A month after the escalation of violence in Palestine, we speak with the journalist and member of FundiPau, who calls on the international community for more efforts to seek a resolution to the conflict.

Image of the campaign.
Catalan Association for Peace launch a humanitarian action campaign in Palestine

In Palestine there is an urgent need for humanitarian aid in order to deal with the impacts of the current crisis, but also in order to respond to the needs that will come from this crisis.

Margaret White,  Head of Disability Services at Prisms.
Margaret White: "One of the biggest needs is the need of belonging, of being in a place where one feels seen, accepted and safe"

Prisms, a Maltese NGO founded in 2008, focuses on non-formal learning opportunities for young people. Engaged in local and European projects, it "addresses areas such as inclusion, disabilities, mental health, mentoring, and online youth work".

 member of the board of the CNCA network - National Coordination of Host Communities (Italy).
Mattia de Bei: "In Italy, the phenomenon of unaccompanied migrant minors is significantly emerging"

The National Welcome Community Coordination (CNCA) is an italian association for social promotion that includes more than 260 organizations throughout Italy. It operates in areas of need and marginalization with the aim of promoting citizenship rights and social welfare.

Josep Perelló.
Citizen Science Now

Citizen science is defined as an emerging trend in the ways of doing science. Efforts draw on citizens’ involvement in research tasks. This may range from identifying a problem that needs solving, defining research, data collection, data interpretation and transforming these interpretations into actions.

David Karvala and Julie Sherry.
For a World Against Racism and Fascism

David Karvala and Julie Sherry, joint coordinators of World Against Racism and Fascism (WARAF), comment on the challenges around the world, and how this network is responding.

Javier Gómez, Specialist in management of voluntary groups, education and popular culture.
How can we protect data in our organisations? Insurance is an option

Every day we read more and more headlines on cyber-risk and network security for companies and institutions of all sorts; articles warning on the growing number of attacks around the country and alarming news on organizations experiencing hacking with confidential data stolen or encrypted and falling into the hands of cybercriminals or left exposed.

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