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Kolam has been working in India for the past 10 years looking for solutions that can improve the lives of the people living there.
The Impact of Family Farming in India

Agriculture projects are a key element in improving the living conditions of people living in rural India.

The orchards contribute to the sustainability of the organization and the promotion of team cooperation.
How to start a community garden in the organization

It will be about defining things like the space, the garden models, the type of irrigation, the organization of the equipment and the forms of fertilization.

There are many different types and areas, for all ages and educational contexts.
Keys and characteristics of Service Learning

These are projects where students of all ages participate in community service activities carried out by organizations.

Understand that all people have legitimate needs.
Keys to the culture of peace

The culture of peace is committed to a comprehensive and transversal approach to violence while considering conflict an inevitable part of every society.

Interested people can participate mainly as volunteers or by starting local solidarity projects.
How to participate in the European Solidarity Corps

It is a program to promote volunteering and solidarity among European youth through funding to cooperation organizations.

The British Benevolent Association supports British citizens in the Girona counties and also organizes celebrations.
Diana Buckley: "There is more and more dementia among British elderly people living in Girona"

The British Benevolent Association (BBA) supports British people who live or pass through the Girona counties of Catalonia through volunteering.

Rafael Ruiz de Gauna.
A plural social economy, guarantee of well-being and social cohesion

The social economy is part of the country's roots and identity and constitutes an enormous heritage of society that needs to be promoted.

Learning to love ourselves and to love from educational leisure

"We have to have the ability to overcome the taboos that have long led us to believe that feeling bad was bad and should be hidden."

Future challenges: beyond the cause itself

Today is always the most complicated moment, because it is what we have to manage. But just by looking at this today, we can identify large blocks of work that entities should put on the table to improve and have a future.

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