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Mila Font:
Mila Font: "Widespread and indiscriminate attacks on civilians, medical personnel and health facilities must cease immediately"

The health system in Gaza has been severely impacted by ongoing conflicts, with a significant reduction in functional medical facilities from 35 hospitals to only 11 semi-functional centers. Mila Font, Delegate of Doctors Without Borders in Catalonia, shares with us the situation. 

The European Border and Coast Guard Agency celebrates two decades of unstoppable growth.
Twenty years of Frontex: the unstoppable expansion of the armed branch of Fortress Europe

The European Border and Coast Guard Agency celebrates two decades of unstoppable growth, marred by accusations of human rights violations and lack of transparency. 

A loathsome Pact on Migration and Asylum

"We call for a Europe that prioritizes reception and protection, ensuring medical assistance, ending violence along borders, establishing a proactive search and rescue mechanism, that does not criminalize persons seeking refuge, and that guarantees legal and safe routes."

Òscar Camps
Voices from Gaza: Humanitarian Emergency and Global Responsibility

"We demand an answer and accountability for this unacceptable attack and call on the international community to double its efforts to protect civilians"

Adriana Ribas
European Elections: an opportunity to protect human rights

To reach a better, fairer, and more sustainable future, the European Union must place human rights first and at the heart of its debates and actions. 

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