5 platforms for worldwide digital volunteering

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Rubén Escobar ( / Translation from Catalan: Scott Emblen-Jarrett
  • Digital volunteering can be made from home. Photo: Pexels
    Digital volunteering can be made from home. Photo: Pexels.
  • UN programme to do digital volunteering. Image: United Nations
    UN programme to do digital volunteering. Image: United Nations.
  • Digital Volunteers at American Red Cross. Image: American Red Cross
    Digital Volunteers at American Red Cross. Image: American Red Cross .
  • Homepage from Allforgood. Image: Allforgood
    Homepage from Allforgood. Image: Allforgood.

Online volunteering puts NGOs and communities in contact to carry out tasks thanks to one vital tool: an internet connection.

Digital volunteering breaks with one of the major volunteering norms we know: physically going somewhere to support an activity or event. With the emergence of Information Technology, volunteering has become a more diverse matter, which does not necessarily require a physical space for it to be carried out. It’s more flexible, and above all, makes volunteering more time efficient for volunteers.

These are just some of the advantages of digital volunteering; a new trend in which those who are interested can combine their day-to-day lives with a weekly commitment via an Internet connection to support the activities of a charity or community.

With this in mind, here are some digital platforms where you can find digital volunteering opportunities:

1.UN Online Volunteering Programme

The United Nations programme contributes to achieving world peace and development through volunteering. Digital volunteering allows organisations to work in a team in a fast, easy and effective way. They offer volunteering programmes in translation, art and design, writing and editing, research, teaching and training, administration, event organisation, healthcare, etc.

2. All for Good

An online meeting place for volunteers with the aim of connecting organisations and individuals over a communal platform. Its mission is to empower both people and NGOs and this is why they claim to have developed the largest online platform for finding volunteering opportunities. Through its search engine you can filter results to only show digital volunteering opportunities.

3. Volunteer Match

A database where you can read digital volunteering notices. They currently have 6200 volunteering listings in areas such as fundraising, social media, development and programming, music and project management. With more than 100,000 non-profit organisations worldwide, their aim is to connect causes who need volunteers with the appropriate volunteers themselves.

4. Fundación Vicente Ferrer

An online platform called the Voluntariado Digital (Digital Voluntary Service), which was created with the aim of bringing together members of the online community to fight poverty. This volunteering platform’s mission is to spread an active philosophy based on social justice and human rights. To join the network fill in this form.

5. The American Red Cross

They offer digital volunteering opportunities with only a few requirements: you must have a Facebook and/or Twitter account; you must check your email regularly, know how to use social media, be familiar with social media management programmes such as Hootsuite or Tweetdeck and be able to use a computer for 4 hours straight. To apply for a position click here.

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