ACPau and Palestinian Farmers Union: ecological agriculture against occupation

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Júlia Bacardit
  • Uprooted olive trees areas in Palestine were as big as 33 Central Parks
    Uprooted olive trees areas in Palestine were as big as 33 Central Parks.
  • Palestinian woman cries after Israeli soldiers destroyed her land
    Palestinian woman cries after Israeli soldiers destroyed her land.

The collaborative project between an ACPau brigades and a Palestinian peasant Organization begins to see its first sustainable fruits grow

ACPau in the Palestinian fields      

A brigade of the Catalan Association for Peace and the collective Palestinian Farmers Union coöperate to improve the lives of Palestinians.

Until 2019, the two organizations are going to work in West Bank municipalities AlnazlahAl-sharquia and Der Ballut to strengthen the Palestinian peasant network.

The project has been going on for more than a year now and it focuses on the access to healthy and sustainable food. People from Alnazlah Al-sharquia and Der Ballut municipalities have to rely strictly on themselves, especially due to the difficulties they have to access the Israeli market.

The Catalan volunteers give the associated Palestinian peasants some training on environmental issues and sustainability, most of all to avoid using unhealthy chemical additives.

 Sustainable and autonomous agriculture

The agroecological and sustainable methods ACPau and Palestinian Farmers Union are working on will directly benefit 180 people, and a 40% of them are women.

The Palestinian Farmers Union has helped agriculture cooperatives develop since its beginnings, be it through microloans or through ecological healthy products.

The summer of 2017, trade unionist and peasant member of the Palestinians Farmers Union Rashad hosted a four-volunteers brigade of ACPau. Rashad harvests agroecological products, vegetables without any chemical additives.

The 4 Catalan volunteers made 4 videos about their stay to give Rashad and his colleages voice so they could tell the world their stories of resistance under the Israeli occupation.

This ACPau project in these two West Bank municipalities received a 146.676 euros fund from the Barcelona City Council.

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