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In Palestine there is an urgent need for humanitarian aid in order to deal with the impacts of the current crisis, but also in order to respond to the needs that will come from this crisis.

Montserrat Arbós is a journalist and member of FundiPau.

A month after the escalation of violence in Palestine, we speak with the journalist and member of FundiPau, who calls on the international community for more efforts to seek a resolution to the conflict.

Salam Almaslamani is the former president of the Palestinian Community of Catalonia

The former president of the Palestinian Community of Catalonia calls on the international community to react to the genocide against the Palestinian people.

In Palestine, thanks to the Palestinian Farmer's Union, pilot projects are already being developed to address the effects of climate change on agriculture.

Agricultural practices centered around the use of pesticides and chemicals significantly exacerbate climate change, which is why the Palestinian Farmer's Union is already devising methods to change the sector.

Laila Ajjawi, artist and advocate for the rights of migrants and refugees.

As part of the ‘Cities Defending Human Rights’ program, artist and activist Laila Ajjawi visits Barcelona to share the story of her art, her community, and to emphasize her identity as a Palestinian refugee.


The claim for the break of the sisterhood has been an historical demand of the solidarity movement with Palestine and of Human Rights organizations. 

The Coalition Prou Complicitat amb Israel has led the campaign to break the twinning agreement between Barcelona and Tel-Aviv.

The decision arrives after a long campaign of solidarity with the Palestinian people and public support for an initiative to revoke an agreement that dates back to 1998.

The citizens' initiative needs more than 3,700 signatures to move forward.

The campaign promoted by the Coalició Prou ​​Complicitat amb Israel and seeks public support for the municipal council to debate the breaking of the twinning agreement between Barcelona and Tel-Aviv.

The report condemns the actions of the Israeli army to test different military materials and products on the civilian population.

The report ‘Combat proven business’ analyzes the current situation of the arms industry’s transactions in Israel and how it affects Palestine and its population.

Bloody Basil, by Elia Ghorbiah, is one of the short films that can be seen in Tasharuk.

The website, run by five organizations, shows how the interaction between the Israeli occupation and the dominant patriarchal system in Palestine especially affects Palestinian women and girls.

Salam Al-Maslamani, member of the Palestinian Community of Catalonia and the Catalan Association of Jews and Palestinians – JUNTS (TOGETHER).

New attacks have re-ignited the historic conflict between Palestine and Israel. Dozens of people have been killed in a wave of violence in the area in recent days.

International projects have been cancelled due to the pandemic.

Saharawi and Palestinian organisations warn, however, that if lockdown continues, the solidarity and international volunteering networks may be weakened.