Nonprofit sector, different from the rest

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Nonprofit sector can’t grow stronger and advance unless its identity and specificities are recognised, says Toni Codina.

Toni Codina

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Why do we need media that specialise in the nonprofit sector and volunteering?

The nonprofit sector has its own characteristics that are different from the rest, both with regards to other private and public organisations, and from social movements and informal groups. This means that the nonprofit sector can’t grow stronger and advance unless its identity and specificities are recognised, and unless it has tools and means that meet their specific needs. These needs are either specific to the nonprofit sector (fundraising, managing volunteering, grants…) and are not for other informal groups; or need that, for the nonprofit sector, demand different solutions to those developed by companies or public institutions (decision-making, accountability, marketing, evaluation…).


Now that Nonprofit has been around for one year, which do you think could be our next challenge?

In Catalonia, and elsewhere, the challenges faced by the nonprofit sector are less local and more global. This means that organisations from very different and far-away countries and territories share the same problems and face the same challenges: the digital transformation, new forms of citizen participation, the empowerment of users and others…In this context, nonprofit.xarxanet is a great opportunity to increase the exchange of knowledge and best practices with regards to the shared challenges. It is about identifying local innovations that can find an answer to the global challenges; disseminate the innovative initiatives that may be useful and replicable for nonprofit organisations anywhere around the world.

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