The United Nations Committee against Torture publishes a report on the State urging Spain to effectively investigate the deaths in Melilla.

The United Nations Committee Against Torture has published a report in which it urges Spain to effectively investigate the deaths in Melilla, as demanded by organizations such as Amnesty International.

Ursula von der Leyen, Mark Rutte, Giorgia Meloni and Kaïs Saïed, during the signing of the agreement. Source: Twitter @vonderleyen

Human rights defender organizations criticize the Brussels pact and the Tunisian government for abandoning hundreds of sub-Saharan refugees at the borders with Libya and Algeria.

The new migration regulation that is key to completing a new Migration and Asylum Pact in the European Union (EU).

Advocacy organizations for the rights of refugees are wary of the first step of the Migration and Asylum Pact in the European Union, agreed upon by European interior ministers.


Female migrant workers are an example of strength and perseverance who often go unseen by a large proportion of society.

Caminando Fronteras numbers more than 2,300 victims who attempted to enter Spain in 2022.

The organisation highlights the lethal consequences of the necropolitical boundary in a report entitled 'Monitoring the Right to Life - 2022’.

No Name Kitchen condemns the impossibility of apply for asylum in Ceuta.

The organization assures that asylum requests cannot be processed, either online or in person, which leaves people in a situation of lack of protection.

The number of refugees in the world continues to rise.

The Spanish Commission for Refugees (CEAR) has presented the nineteenth annual report 'Refugees in Spain and Europe'.

Bayt-al-Thaqafa, commitment to generate knowledge and recognition of religious diversity.

Bayt al-Thaqafa’s membership recruitment manager denounces the human tragedy and rights violation behind the ‘refugee crisis’.

Refugees in the Serbian and Hungarian fence

More than 70 walls, on all continents, destroy lives by violating the most fundamental rights of people with complete impunity.