Burkina Faso

Solange Traoré, president of the Hakilisigui Federation, explains the project to the Benkade Association, which is dedicated to producing Shea Butter.

The NGO NouSol works on the 'Empowerment from wisdom' project, thanks to the collaboration of the Hakilisigui Federation, to guarantee women their rights and duties.

 NouSol has been running the Bobo-Dioulasso center project since 2018.

The Girona-based NGO NouSol has revitalized a Day Center for children and young people in the city of Burkina Faso.

The campaign, launched in September 2020, aims to improve the emotional health of children through the performing arts.

The initiative, promoted by Clowns Without Borders, has already accomplished more than 500 activities in the city of Bobo-Dioulasso.