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In Palestine, thanks to the Palestinian Farmer's Union, pilot projects are already being developed to address the effects of climate change on agriculture.

Agricultural practices centered around the use of pesticides and chemicals significantly exacerbate climate change, which is why the Palestinian Farmer's Union is already devising methods to change the sector.

For now, the main climate migration processes are affecting the continents of Africa, Asia and Oceania.

Persons have been on the move due to climate change throughout history and, unfortunately, this reason is becoming more and more habitual.

Mike Anane, journalist and environmental activist.

The journalist and environmental activist fights against the illegal exportation of electronic waste to developing countries.

Participants crossed up to 28 countries, cycling more than 10,000 km.

Each year, an expedition of bikes equipped with solar panels leaves Brussels and crosses around thirty countries, covering more than 10,000 km to encourage a debate on sustainable mobility.

The Platform for Responsible Companies was created to require the Spanish government to make companies responsible for the impacts on human and environmental rights.

These entities demand from the government a law that ensures that the activities carried on by companies respect human and environmental rights

The international project ‘Greencoach’ enters its main operational phase this year.

The initiative, coordinated by Ecoserveis, aims to promote efficient management, from the point of view of environmental impact, of the sports clubs and events created by them.


Maybe, returning to normality should be done from a different lens, with a special focus on protecting nature and the environment.

A photo of Mireia Roura the Operations Manager of eReuse

Mireia Roura the Operations Manager of eReuse - which is an innovative solution that prolongs the life of electronic devices - says that the key to their circular economic model is to cooperate, provide free technology, and to sell services.

Turtle tangled in a plastic bag. Green Peace.

A European law is going to ban single-use plastics with the aim to have 55% of recycled or reusable packing by 2030.

the winners of the Social Innovation Tournament 2017.   Source: EIB

The Social Innovation Tournament promotes the generation of innovative ideas that create social and environmental impact.