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Mario Llonch promoted For a Smile in Africa, which focuses its work in Senegal.

We go over the tasks entities do in the African country, which has a community with approximately 30.000 people in Catalonia and it's one of the most important countries for the Catalan cooperation.


What is the International Accord, and what difference is it making in the garment industry? 

Thousands of working people have died during the preparation of the Wolrd Cup.

Amnesty International denounces the labour exploitation and deaths of workers during the preparation of the sports tournament and once again demands a gesture from the Spanish Football Federation.

Presentation of the report 'Violence of the Public Force violates fundamental rights in the protests of the Paro National'.

The Delegation defines Ivan Duque's government as an "authoritarian regime disguised as democracy", as it doesn't guarantee the right to peaceful protest, critical thinking, democratic opposition and information.

Philippe de Dinechin is the current director and one of the founders of the Fundación Comparte.

The Comparte Foundation has been working for more than two decades to improve the lives of children in Latin America through educational projects.

Dani Vilaró is one of the spokespersons for Amnesty International against the death penalty.

On the occasion of World Day Against the Death Penalty, which is celebrated on October 10, we talked to one of Amnesty International's spokespersons about this issue.

Children cycling on a street flooded by rain.

A billion children live in countries with a very high risk of exposure to heat waves, cyclones, floods or air pollution, according to the Unicef ​​report on children’s climate risk index.

The Taliban have declared an end to the conflict and proclaimed the Islamic Emirate.

The rise of fundamentalists threatens to aggravate the situation of a civilian population that has been severely punished by years of conflict resulting from collective irresponsibility.

Spanish security corps hitting peaceful demonstrators. Photo: Twitter

Human rights and peace organisations condemn the violence and repression committed by the Spanish security corps during the referendum.

Spanish national police. Photo: Youtube

The international NGO held an independent investigation to document specific incidents after the poll, where 900 people were injured.