migrants rights

 Andrés García, coordinator of Irídia.

Several entities throughout Spain, including Irídia, are demanding the permanent closure of the Immigration Detention Centres once the confinement is over, as well as an end to deportations.

Demonstration in Barcelona for the International Day of Migrants.

They report the vulnerability experienced by this group, which also suffer from labour exploitation and have difficulty in accessing public services and resources during the current health emergency.

Romest network against Eastern Romanis' invisibilization.

‘Vincle’ is the Catalan word for ‘bounding’, and it is also the name of a local association that work with issues related to housing, community life and immigration issues. 


Back in my country I was a feminist and a trade unionist, a political activist. Once I settled  in Catalunya, in the late nineties, I started as a spokesperson of Papers i drets per a Tothom association.