‘L’Amore È Uguale Per Tutti’, a protest platform in Italy

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IdemTV - Carme Porta
  • Mario Allegranzi is the mastermind of ‘L’Amore È Uguale Per Tutti’.
    Mario Allegranzi is the mastermind of ‘L’Amore È Uguale Per Tutti’. Source: IdemTV.

Mario Allegranzi is the mastermind behind an idea that emerged five years ago as a movement of protest and social awareness.

What is 'L’Amore È Uguale Per Tutti'?

This is a virtual platform that was created in 2015. It basically developed on social media, starting off with a Facebook page and, to a lower extent, on Instagram and Twitter. It was created precisely for this purpose: to create a virtual space to discuss LGBT issues in Italy, especially related to rights and the progress in terms of acceptance, and any other matter that could be of interest to the movement, and to spread messages for a better understanding of this reality.

Where did the idea come from?

I got the idea during one of my long periods living in the USA, where I gained deeper professional knowledge in the audiovisual field. I wanted to do something related to the audiovisual field to put the idea into practice.

The first project, and this is where everything started, was a video: 'Italia, è arrivato il momento', which focused on equal marriage for all because, at that time, conversations had started with the Italian Government to adopt the law on civil unions but not marriage. The platform was created alongside the launching of the video on social media with this demand.

What are the goals of this campaign?

The goals are focused on spreading a message of acceptance and the main idea is to share audiovisual projects on social media to generate greater awareness among the Italian population. Not just targeting homophobic population or people that discriminate, but also those who have never had contact with LGBT people and who have never really thought whether they accept equal marriage for all and other rights for the LGBT community.

How do you keep up the virtual mobilisation and community like this one?

The campaign and the platform have lived through moment of more and less activity and we haven’t always kept the same line on social media. Also, new collaboration projects have emerged over the time.

For instance, we have collaborated with the Casal Lambda in Barcelona and, a couple of years ago, we created a very interesting audiovisual project on suicide in the LGBTI community, and this is something that isn’t talked about often and there’s little material available.

Do you have new campaigns and goals in mind?

Right now we have some new ideas for new campaigns. We are approaching the fifth anniversary since the platform was created. The idea is to gain momentum on social media, to reconnect with people who follow us and start creating new projects.

In Italy, the adoption of a new law against homo-trans-phobia is an important moment and we might by focusing on this, but the idea is to continue raising awareness, not just on legislation, but also on other subjects.

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