The catalan Foundation Probitas donates serotherapy to NGOs that work in Senegal

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Laura Morral
  • Probitas give serotherapy to NGO in Senegal. Source: Probitas Foundation
    Probitas give serotherapy to NGO in Senegal. Source: Probitas Foundation.

Azul en Acción y Cirugía Solidaria are some of the receiving organizations

Annually, 3.000 cases of additional cataracts are detected in Senegal and half of these can not be operated due to lack of resources. In addition to cataracts, the population of the country also suffers from other ocular diseases such as Glaucoma and Pterigiúm. From 2015 until now, the Probitas Foundation collaborates, among others, with the NGOs Azul en Acción y Cirugía Solidaria, two entities that work in Senegal.

Specifically, Azul en Acción works in different areas of intervention such as health, education and the construction of basic infrastructures. In the health field, this NGO is specialized in ophthalmic projects and it treats patients suffering from cataracts, an ocular disease considered the first cause of functional blindness in the world.

This year, Probitas has once again donated to Azul en Acción serotherapy for its consultative and surgery campaign at the Thiadaye Hospital in the Thies region in Senegal. Thanks to this last campaign, the NGO has been able to attend 1,127 people, perform 1,527 inquiries and do 297 surgeries.

Cirugía Solidaria is the other NGO to which Probitas makes annual material donations. In its latest campaign, it has treated 1,285 patients, performed 341 surgical operations and 369 interventions. This entity has also been able to complete the medical assistance framework for patients and, in parallel, has organized 5 training activities in the field of health and nutrition throughout the rural area of ​​Sandiara, in Senegal.

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