Amics del Nepal's Education Project is intended to discover the Asian country while practicing English.

The NGO Amics del Nepal has created an educational project designed for Catalan schools, specifically for English classes, to help the students understand this small country at the foot of the Himalayas.

Mario Llonch is the founder and president of the For a Smile in Africa Foundation.

The For a Smile in Africa Foundation (Por por sonrisa en Africa) has been focusing for two decades on improving the lives of young people and families in rural Senegal through education.

Nursery to save the coral reefs.

Coral Gardeners changes the world starting by an ocean restoration and conservation of the coral reefs. They have been planting corals, raising awareness and developing technology as they have been dying at an alarming rate.

Instagram has a billion monthly active users

This social network is constantly evolving and it is becoming increasingly difficult for entities and organizations to get exposure to the ‘feed’ without paying for advertising.


10 are the essential elements a trustee of a foundation should have to help an easy functioning of the organisation.

During the event, leaders from NGOs of the Arab world will have the opportunity to meet youths that are interested in volunteering activities in Arab countries.  Source: Fundació Catalunya Voluntària.

The Fundació Catalunya Voluntària (Catalan Volunteering Foundation) is organizing a non-profit show for Catalan youth to learn about the volunteering projects in Arab countries.

The objective of the survey is to know the level of technological development of NGOs.

The NGO Global Technology Report is a research tool used to examine the usage of technology within the non-profit sector.

Landesa reforms laws and policies to provide millions of rural women secure rights to land.

The aim of this list is to showcase the most creative and effective examples of NGO campaigns to stay ahead, build people power and win at the scale needed to in today’s world.

Catalan NGO next to Mosul

Catalan NGOs support the Kurdish population of Mosul one year after the fighting between the Islamic State (EI) and the Iraqi forces that devastated the city. To this day, the area continues in ruins and the child population is unprotected

Probitas give serotherapy to NGO in Senegal

Azul en Acción y Cirugía Solidaria are some of the receiving organizations

International NGOs took advantage of Giving Tuesday. Photo: Wikimedia

On 28th November, international cooperation and development NGOs celebrated Giving Tuesday and seeked support from citizens through the donation platform.

Alphabet. Photo: Pixabay

Translators Without Borders and The Rosetta Foundation, the leading NGOs in the field of translation worldwide, start an integration process while keeping independent spaces.