Not all gardeners work the land

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Fundació Pere Tarrés - Miriam Bantulà Merino
  • Nursery to save the coral reefs.
    Nursery to save the coral reefs. Source: Coral Gardeners.

Coral Gardeners changes the world starting by an ocean restoration and conservation of the coral reefs. They have been planting corals, raising awareness and developing technology as they have been dying at an alarming rate.

The Project was born in 2017 Mo’orea, the sister island of Tahiti, in French Polynesia. It was created by a small group of friends who were worried about the rapid degradation of their local reef. In that way, Coral Gardeners grows and plants resilient corals to restore dying reefs and bring life back to the ocean using the last technology.

Today, this small group of island kids has grown to an international collective of scientists, engineers, creators, and advocates who believe that changing the world can start by an ocean revolution.

50% of the oxygen we breathe comes from ocean organisms such as the symbiotic algae living inside corals but coral reefs are dying at an alarming rate. Since the project has been launched, they have been restored damaged reefs that have suffered from rising temperatures or other natural and human disturbances by using nurseries and transplanted areas. In 2021 they planted 15,000 corals onto the reef of Mo’orea and expect to plant in 2022 as many coral reefs as they have planted in these four years.

Even though it’s a local NGO, the CEO and founder of Coral Gardeners, Titouan Bernicot, has become a National Geographic Explorer and has been awarded by the United Nations at the Young Activists Summit in Geneva.

Taking into account that their mission it’s a long-term job, they also have been raising awareness to 815 people, from kids to high school students, fishermen, and visitors about the crucial role of coral reefs and the importance of protecting them.

Thanks to Reef0s technology, which connects cameras and sensors collecting crucial data such as fish population abundance, species biodiversity, coral growth and coverage, and water temperature provides an in-depth look at the health of reef ecosystems to help monitor and restore.

Would you like to collab?

Coral Gardeners offers different alternatives to help and contribute to their ocean conservation. One of the options is adopting a super coral, which it can have different prices, choosing your favorite species to support its growth and get updates along the journey until it’s back onto the reef. The ones who do it, will receive an adoption card to display and also the possibility to watch its coral trough the live cameras.

The second option, is helping by sponsoring the ropes, the restorations sites and even the nurseries where these corals are planted.

The last but not least, is by gifting someone through a gift card or by making a donation to the organization.

For those who are interested in their initiative or to get more information about their impact or the the technology they are using, in their website there is an impact report, live cameras and all the information you need to know to create a global movement to save the reef.

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