Hootgiving: free social media training and Hootsuite discounts for nonprofits

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Júlia Bacardit -
  • Hootsuite offers nonprofits a 50% discount for its services
    Hootsuite offers nonprofits a 50% discount for its services .
  • Hootsuite Platform Training is a free online course
    Hootsuite Platform Training is a free online course .
  • Online communication tools for nonprofits
    Online communication tools for nonprofits.

Hootsuite is probably the favourite tool among community managers. Now the platform has decided to help nonprofits create a fairer world online. Don’t miss out.

Hootsuite offers you the analytic tools that allow you to follow a good communication strategy. If you have up to 10 different Social Media profiles of your nonprofit counting more than one Twitter account, Facebook account, Instagramand other social networks, Hootsuite is your tool.

1. Discounts for nonprofits. Hootsuite offers you some of its services for free, but its best options are not for free. If you are in charge of your nonprofit's online communication you might want to pay for Hootsuite, but quite often small organizations don’t have enough budget for online communication.

This is why the application has launched a website from which organizations can apply to a 50% discount. If you’reintersted in it, click here and fill the application.

2. Free Hootsuite training and education programs for nonprofits. Using new application takes time, and as old social networks evolve and new social networks appear the need to learn becomes urgent.

This is why Hootsuite has developed some free online training courses that can be very useful for the social network of your nonprofit. These free courses are Hootsuite Platform Training and Social Marketing training, which will help you profit from Hootsuite management options as much as possible

Again, if you want a higher-profile training you also have an affordable paying course, but the free options are definetely a good start.

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