Instagram for Nonprofits

Instagram is the new Facebook, the new hype. Social networks change and substitute each other fastly, so everyone has to adapt, nonprofits, NGOs and associations included.

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Hootsuite is probably the favourite tool among community managers. Now the platform has decided to help nonprofits create a fairer world online. Don’t miss out.


Is there a life out of the Internet? Yes, there is, and your nonprofit should be there: nothing strengthens a community more than live events. To reach as many people as possible, though, life events need to be shared before, and the social networks.

Stop Sida, one of Wapsi's partner organizations

Are microdonations the future of nonprofits? It could be, especially since initiatives like Teaming and Wapsi keep on growing.

Setem's 2016 assembly / Photo: Setem

Getting volunteers or members of your organisation to actively engage is one of the big challenges in nonprofit organisations. Here we provide some tips based on the experience of several organisations.


What roles do we find on a nonprofit organisation’s executive board? In what way do they make internal participation easy or difficult? Roger Buch gives us some ideas.

Social media / Photo: geralt, Pixabay

Many nonprofit organisations are on the social media and use new tools and strategies to improve communication. Live streaming of Catalan human towers on Facebook Live, hashtags that become a trending topic… here we bring to you just a few of them!