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F Pere Tarrés
  • LIFE funds projects under its environment and climate action.
    LIFE funds projects under its environment and climate action. Source: LIFE Programme.

The European Commission has launched its 2020 call for nature conservation, environmental and climate change projects proposals.

Do you have any project with a climate change or environmental focus? Don’t miss your chance and apply for LIFE funding.

This year, the European Commission has earmarked more than 450 million for nature conservation, environmental protection and climate action projects. In particular, LIFE funds projects under its environment and climate action sub-programmes to help implement the European Green Deal.

These projects show best-practices, run pilots, raise public awareness or demonstrate breakthroughs in environmental practices and they could be coordinated by public institutions, businesses, non-governmental organisations (NGOs) or any legal entity registered in the EU.

New measures due to coronavirus pandemic

A package of new measures has been introduced to reduce the impact of restrictions due to the coronavirus pandemic. All application deadlines are being extended by one month and projects can financially support small and local initiatives.

How to apply

Projects focus on climate change can apply for until October 2020. For traditional projects that address environmental and nature topics, there is a two-stage application process: candidates first outline their idea in a concept note by July 2020 and if their project is shortlisted, they will have time to submit a full project until February 2021.

You can find more information on how to apply for on the 2020 LIFE call for proposals page.

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