Nature lab: for an environmental education

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F Pere Tarrés - Miriam Bantulà
  • Screenshot of The Nature Conservancy website.
    Screenshot of The Nature Conservancy website. Source: The Nature Conservancy.

The Nature Conservancy and its 550 scientists created Nature Lab, the digital platform for teachers and students to promote an environmental education.

The Nature Conservancy is a non profit organization working globally to conserve the planet, its endangered species and leave the world much better than we found it.

In order to achieve this mission, The Nature Conservancy has made available to students and teachers resources related to the environment, climate change and the actions that should be carried out as a society. 

The resources are designed specifically for each age range between 4 and 18 years old and  intended for classroom use.  For those children who are interested, the website offers a lot of videos and a virtual teacher to make sure young people can learn the science behind nature and how to get involved in protecting it. Thanks to this resources, a lot of children can enjoy an envirormental education beyond school walls.

They also include a 4 weeks program in which children can learn about 'Food and Water Sustainably', 'Climate change, how to 'Build Healthy Cities' and what does it take to 'Protect Land and Water'. 

All this content is also translated in spanish known as 'Plantea bala' which includes a Nickelodeon serie. In those videos, a girl named Bala explains how to take care of our planet by little steps at the same time she talks about envirormental influencers who impact our planet with their actions. 

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