#StopPoverty stands for people dignity living in poverty conditions

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  • Logo from Stop Poverty. Image: Stop Poverty
    Logo from Stop Poverty. Image: Stop Poverty.
  • Flyer from the campaign. Image: Stop Poverty
    Flyer from the campaign. Image: Stop Poverty.
  •  “With my own two hands” song. Photo: Youtube
    “With my own two hands” song. Photo: Youtube.
  • Events map. Image: Stop Poverty
    Events map. Image: Stop Poverty .

The global movement ATD Fourth World calls to action in order to make a world without poverty. Dozens of events have been prepared on the 17th October. 

Stop Poverty is the international campaign to be held on the 17th October, the International Day for the Eradication of Poverty. In this year’s edition the campaign will call people to action in order to confront poverty and build a peaceful world where no one is left behind. The initiative has been launched by the ATD (All Together in Dignity) Fourth World, a movement of solidarity among and in collaboration with the most excluded families around the world. They are working in five continents with the help of local teams and volunteers. Their mission is to overcome poverty by seeking out people living in the worst conditions of poverty and exclusion.

Joseph Wresinski, a man born 100 years ago in an internment camp for foreigners at the end of World War I, was the founder of ATD. In 1957, after becoming a priest, he worked with the residents of an emergency housing camp in the region outside Paris to build a movement that today spans the globe. “Poverty is a form o violence. It leads to prejudice and humiliation. But poverty is not inevitable”, explained Wresinski. The organizers of this campaign have stated that “in 2017 we want the world to learn about a man who grew up amidst suffering and exclusion, understood first-hand the violations of human rights at the root of extreme poverty”.

People from all over the world have already joined the campaign that also will have dozens of events and activities to be celebrated. Most of the events will take place in Europe but also Africa, Nord-America, South-America and some non-profits from Asia are going to hold different events. There will be concerts, documentary presentations, commemorations, theatre plays, debates and book presentations.

Stop Poverty has also shared on its website different materials such as flyers, advises to organize events and also a guideline to manage social networks that users can use. The campaign offers different ways to get involved as for example the Youth Rise Up program and the opportunity to take part in French radio shows.

“With My Own Two Hands” is officially the song of the campaign.  A collaboration between Playing for Change and ATD Fourth World has brought a new song that commemorates sixty years of this movement to overcome extreme poverty, with performances by professional musicians and ATD members from the Philippines, Spain, Burkina Faso, Haiti, France, Montreal and beyond.

The international movement has also brought stories that show that poverty is not inevitable. These stories are short tales together with images that explain anecdotes and real-life experiences around poverty. Everybody can participate and share his story submitting a story at stoppoverty[at]

Stop Poverty gives the chance to make a donation and gift 50, 80, 200 or 500€ or any other amount. 91% of the donations go on programs, 7% go on administrative costs and 2% go on fundraising. 

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