Tuesday, 06 October 2020 - No. 51
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Abdou Sissoko managed to cross the Mediterranean and reached Malaga.
Abdou Sissoko: “We were lost at see and with no engine, I’d never been as scared in my life”

We talks with Abdou, a malian who managed to cross the Mediterranean and reached Malaga.

Women earn 16% less than men.
The actual state of gender equality in the world

UN Women has launched an infographic which informs about progress and challenges that women will face in a range of areas.

Clara Ávila is from the indigenous community of Nasa, in Cauca (Colombia).
Clara Ávila: "Many territories are not only in quarantine because of the pandemic but also because of violence"

The ADPI Observatory and Maloka Colombia Collective have organised a fundraising campaign to strengthen the health system of the indigenous communities of Colombia, a vulnerable group because of armed conflicts.

For every 100 men aged 25 to 34 living in extreme poverty in 2021, there will be .118 women
2021: 47 million more women in extreme poverty due to the pandemic

The UN says that the health, economic and social crisis caused by Covid-19 will widen the gender gap and that, for 2021, some 435 million women and girls will be living in extreme poverty.

'Data Detox x Youth' is an activity book to help the young to take control of technology.
'Data Detox x Youth', an activity book to take control of technology

This kit encourages children and teenagers to think about their digital life in an entertaining and fun way, and guides them along a “detox” process.

The new guide reviews the main certifications on the market.
New international guide on Fair Trade labelling

This guide explains to citizens what are fundamental principles for Fair Trade product manufacturing and reviews the main certifications on the market.

In countries based on democratic principles, minority groups continue to experience discrimination

The role of volunteering to combat the stigmatization of refugees and migrants will be the central theme of CEV's Autumn Volunteering Congress 2020.

Phasing out plastic is everyone’s responsibility

Growing awareness on this issue must become a turning point that allows us to effectively materialize a reduction in single-use plastics. Now, more than ever before, we need all social and economic agents to act responsibly to deal with this plastic pandemic.

Sira Ruiz Nogales
Building networks to save all of us

These days in the Caravana Obrim Fronteres, during our stay in Valencia, we’ve heard the testimonies of how these gender-specific violations are an aberration that we either can’t or won’t see.

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