Friday, 05 February 2021 - No. 55
News & Interviews
Kristian Herbolzheimer, director de l'ICIP.
Kristian Herbolzheimer: “The pandemic has been used as an excuse by many countries to reinforce authoritarian regimes"

The International Catalan Institute for Peace reflects on the state of peace in the world and shares how Covid-19 has favoured and harmed the construction of a non-violent society.

Refugee camp in Western Sahara.
More repression and isolation for Western Sahara and Palestine under the pretext of Covid

The report ‘Voices from confinement and occupation’ drafted by the ODHE explains the impact of the Covid-19 crisis in Palestine and Western Sahara.

The Association in via has been awarded the Premi Solidaritat 2020.
Carme Laorden: "The defence of human rights is a long-distance race"

We spoke with the director of the Associació in via, winner of the Solidarity Award 2020 for its work on behalf of people who suffer violence and discrimination.

Almost 60% of textile workers earn a salary that is below the minimum wage established by law in Morocco.
The “fast-fashion” industry brings precariousness to female textile workers in Tangiers

A report prepared by SETEM Catalunya and the association Attawassoul denounces the abuse faced by women working in the global textile manufacturing industry in Morocco.

Animals that live outside their optimum thermal range spend more energy, and this weakens them and makes them more vulnerable to disease and predators.
Sílvia Giralt: “Unless there’s a big change, in some years from now there will be no more marine biodiversity”

The oceanographer from the CRAM Foundation warns of the consequences of the climate emergency on marine fauna and ecosystems.

Mario Allegranzi is the mastermind of ‘L’Amore È Uguale Per Tutti’.
‘L’Amore È Uguale Per Tutti’, a protest platform in Italy

Mario Allegranzi is the mastermind behind an idea that emerged five years ago as a movement of protest and social awareness.

I care about you, that’s why I’m here...

Volunteering in prison is a relational commitment of equality. It is a space to bring dignity into a meeting between two people who are exercising their right to decide, freely.

Almudena Rodríguez
Prohibition and criminalization of the right to abortion: institutional violence against women

Prohibition of abortion is part of the gender-based violence suffered by women. Violence, in this case, exercised directly by the states. 

Leading by example

If we don’t value people who are involved in the organization, the work done externally will be deeply affected.

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