Thursday, 08 April 2021 - No. 57

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The pandemic has exacerbated the already severe inequalities and outright discrimination existing in our society against Roma.
Jonathan Lee: “In most European countries, Roma are still treated as somehow foreign”

The communications manager of European Roma Rights Centre talks about the discrimination that Roma people is suffering and how the pandemic has exacerbated the inequalities.

Mihai Bica, Roma Brexit Campaigning and Policy project of Roma Support Group.
Mihai Bica: “Roma children are 5 times more likely to be excluded from school”

The Roma Brexit Campaigning and Policy project of Roma Support Group talks about the role of this non-profit organization and what are the main troubles of Roma people in the UK.  

The Report ‘Discrimination and the Roma Community’, to give visibility to the discrimination of Roma people.
Discriminatory and hate speech towards the Roma people in the media and social networks

The Fundación Secretariado Gitano has published a report that covers bad practices at the workplace, educational institutions or in accessing housing, services and goods, among others.

Vivir Sin Miedo it’s a campaign that aims to end sexism and gender violence by educating and empowering women.
#VivirSinMiedo, a project to empower women in Peru

To educate women and end the beliefs that foster sexism and violence, the campaign offers workshops and actions to educate on equality and dismantle the myths of romantic love. 

Countries and companies who deal with Morocco in exploiting the Saharawi resources are pushing Morocco to more human rights violations.
‘Western Sahara is not for Sale’, a manifesto to denounce the plundering of natural resources

We have talked with Mahfud, member of the campaign team, to discover more about the current situation in Western Sahara and to know why they decided to launch the manifesto.

International projects have been cancelled due to the pandemic.
Solidarity with Sahara and Palestine continue despite the pandemic

Saharawi and Palestinian organisations warn, however, that if lockdown continues, the solidarity and international volunteering networks may be weakened.

The impact of Covid-19: business as usual supercharges poverty!

We fear that governments are yet again prioritising business instead of protecting people and that recovery instruments will not benefit the poor, or even risk generating increased poverty, with austerity looming again to restore public accounts.

Ariadna Güell and Marta Junqué
The end of daylight saving time, a clear opportunity to improve health

The French Presidency of the Council of the EU, which is due to begin in January 2022, has an opportunity to be the one to finally make this decision effective in the European Union.

The Lluna's power

We always say that lacking a reference nearby, other children suffering the same disease, leaves you slightly adrift but also erases horizons.

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