Thursday, 03 June 2021 - No. 59
News & Interviews
Kurdish women are the leaders of the Kurdistan liberation movements.
The struggle of Kurdish women: a liberating empowerment

Leaders of the Kurdish people's liberation movement, the women of Kurdistan, the largest stateless region in the world, are approaching feminism and gender equality through their struggles.

Belén del Tovar, ICT educator and member of FemDevs i Girls Make Games.
Belén del Tovar: "As videogames start to be developed by women, they will change radically”

We interview Ana Belén del Tovar García, ICT educator, and member of FemDevs and Girls Make Games.

Hibai Arbide is a lawyer who practiced in Barcelona until he moved to Greece to work as a journalist and he has now specialized in the far-right movements.
Hibai Arbide: "Every time we retweet hate speech to criticize it we are giving in to exactly what they want"

He is a lawyer who practiced in Barcelona until he moved to Greece to work as a journalist and he has now specialized in the far-right movements.

Immunisation Agenda 2030 will face diseases such as malaria, measles, meningitis, yellow fever, polio, cholera and hepatitis.
Immunisation Agenda 2030: The new vaccination strategy that will prevent fifty million deaths

The WHO, UNICEF and the Global Alliance for Vaccines and Immunization (GAVI) have launched a new global health protection plan to tackle diseases such as measles, hepatitis and yellow fever.

We don’t know what happens to 60% of electronic waste generated in Europe

The Mobile Social Congress sheds light on the illegal trafficking of this waste and shares experiences of a waste dump in Ghana.

In the long term, repairing electronics can save the consumer around 200 Euro depending on the devices.
Repairing and fighting against obsolescence: how can we lengthen the life of our devices?

The European Right to Repair Campaign, Halte a l’Obsolescence Programme and eReuse share initiatives and calls to increase the lifespan of electronic products at the Mobile Social Congress.

Juliette Williams, co-founder and director of the Environmental Justice Foundation.
On World Environment Day, remember climate action benefits us all

The climate crisis is coming for us all, but it is the poorest and most disenfranchised communities that will suffer first and worst.

Queer Easter 2021

Social exclusion and structural discrimination against people of queer gender and sexual identity put especially adolescents in identity building processes under pressure to adapt and conform.

The future of Europe: not without civil society

It is ludicrous that the Conference on the Future of Europe, which is meant to cherish and involve civil society as an equal partner, excludes NGOs from its core decision-making body while embracing lobbyists from business.

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