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Nadia Ghulam, writer and peace activist.
Nadia Ghulam: "The seeds of peace must be nurtured constantly”

The activist and writer talks about the importance of education as a tool for resolving conflicts in Afghanistan. 

LGBTI associations have expressed their concern with regards to the situation of women and LGBTI people.
The LGBTI community in the Afghanistan of the Taleban

Homosexuality, which is a fairly common practice among young and adult men, is not recognized as an orientation and is considered a sin and serious crime, and is strictly prohibited by Sharia law.

The Tigray conflict has left more than 350,000 in a state of extreme famine.
The opaque war that is bleeding out Ethiopia

Hunger, repeated human rights violations and ethnic hatred are all part of the Tigray conflict, which is shaking up the north of this country in the Horn of Africa.

Dr. Patricia Lucas, an independent research consultant and professor at the University of Bristol, in the United Kingdom.
Patricia Lucas: "Getting online is so important for some people that they are cutting back on food"

The researcher in the University of Bristol, promoter of several reports on data poverty along with Rosa Robinson, is one of the speakers participating in M4Social Day.

Participants crossed up to 28 countries, cycling more than 10,000 km.
‘The Sun Trip’ adventure, promoting solar energy and eco-mobility

Each year, an expedition of bikes equipped with solar panels leaves Brussels and crosses around thirty countries, covering more than 10,000 km to encourage a debate on sustainable mobility.

The transport model is the main cause of the high environmental footprint of football events.
Transport is the main cause for environmental footprint in sport events

The findings of GreenCoach Project, co-founded by the European project Erasmus + and lead by the consultancy bureau Ecoserveis, show that the current transport model is the main cause of the high environmental footprint of football events.

Aging in the 21st-century is both a celebration and a challenge

The gift and blessing of aging should really be a celebration for every one of us. But realistically, it cannot always be that way. For far too many older people, ageing is still a real challenge.

Francesc Álvarez, Direcor of Medicusmundi Mediterrània.
The media can help eradicate or perpetuate sexist violence

The Conferences on Gender Violence and Health has been dedicated to the role of the media in dealing with this global problem with speakers from four continents.

The importance of educating for peace

“Good education” requires treating others with respect and consideration. Violence is just the opposite; it is a form of relationship that is characterized by a total lack of respect. 

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