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News & Interviews
Philippe de Dinechin is the current director and one of the founders of the Fundación Comparte.
Philippe de Dinechin: "Organisations are born, grow and die, what matters are the seeds they leave behind"

The Comparte Foundation has been working for more than two decades to improve the lives of children in Latin America through educational projects.

Dani Vilaró is one of the spokespersons for Amnesty International against the death penalty.
Dani Vilaró: "It’s a mistake to think that the death penalty imparts justice and makes societies safer"

On the occasion of World Day Against the Death Penalty, which is celebrated on October 10, we talked to one of Amnesty International's spokespersons about this issue.

Bloody Basil, by Elia Ghorbiah, is one of the short films that can be seen in Tasharuk.
Tasharuk, a space to transmit and raise awareness about culture, gender and resistance in Palestine

The website, run by five organizations, shows how the interaction between the Israeli occupation and the dominant patriarchal system in Palestine especially affects Palestinian women and girls.

The EU makes some proposals on sustainable mobility.
EU to promote trains and bicycles to make travel more sustainable

The Committee of the Regions, a European institution representing regional and local administrations, has issued an opinion with policy recommendations on mobility-related ecotourism.

Hille Hinsberg, expert in public policies and product manager at Proud Engineers.
Hille Hinsberg: "Motivating people is important so we feel comfortable with online interaction”

The public policy expert and product manager at Proud Engineers explains the digital transformation in Estonia.

Easy-to-Read Association has been doing content adaptation and dissemination for 20 years.
Laia Vidal: “We’ve spent 20 years adapting the texts of organizations so they are accessible to all”

The person in charge of communication at the Easy-to-Read Association (ALF) highlights that Catalonia has the largest amount of books published following the guidelines of this international movement after Sweden.

Building Back Better needs to be based on solid Foundations

The crisis is clearly showing us that an adequate and sustainable social protection system is needed in Europe.

Rita Grané
A step forward for the inclusion of young migrants and ex-wards of the state

The reform of the regulation respects the right of young migrants to integration and participation in our society.

Eradication of Poverty Requires Recalibration of the System

To achieve a just and equitable recovery, it is urgent to abandon the piecemeal approach maintained until now and develop policies that address the structural causes of the problem.

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